Alliance for Asbestos Fraud Awareness

Stop Asbestos
Trust Fraud

Asbestos trust funds are being drained. Many have been forced to reduce their payments to asbestos victims. Every dollar paid to resolve a fraudulent or abusive trust claim is a dollar taken from a future victim. Simple transparency measures would discourage abuse and protect future asbestos victims’ access to the compensation they deserve.


Asbestos trusts have paid out billions of dollars in claims in secret and without oversight. The Alliance for Asbestos Fraud Awareness supports common sense reforms like the Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act, which would require asbestos trusts to give courts basic information on the claims they receive. Media investigations and litigation have exposed inconsistent and illogical claims against asbestos trusts, including claims alleging on-the-job exposure to asbestos during childhood and claims filed on behalf of fictitious individuals. More than twenty asbestos trust funds have reduced their payments to victims in the last decade, some more than once. As a result, an asbestos victim who files trust claims today may receive only half what he would have in years past. Without reform, future victims will receive even less.


Asbestos Firm Implicated in Shadow Donor Scandal

New York Post

“A scandal out of Boston is pretty embarrassing for all those Democratic Party claims to be concerned about dirty money in politics. . .Indeed, Thornton got into the political-giving game when then-President George W. Bush started pushing reforms that would let asbestos victims get paid without having to fork over a third of their awards to lawyers.”


Prominent Asbestos law Firm Pays Questionable Bonuses for Campaign Contributions

Boston Globe

“Michael Thornton, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, made his name in the law by becoming a national leader in handling asbestos-related cases, especially those in which victims developed mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Thornton lawyers have handled thousands of such cases, made millions of dollars, and even helped to underwrite research into mesothelioma. But that pipeline of profits was threatened just over a decade ago when some leading politicians, including President George W. Bush, moved to limit damages in class action lawsuits and to allow the victims of asbestos exposure to file their claims for compensation directly to a national trust fund — bypassing lawyers who typically receive a third of any award. That’s when Thornton learned the power of political donations.”